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By all means enjoy their discomfort — as they would if it was you on the receiving end. If something of a creative nature no longer seems to be making much progress it might be wise to leave it for a while. Chances are you have been trying too hard for too long and need to step back a bit so you can get a fresh perspective. If you bide your time and just let events unfold you may be surprised to discover that whatever was holding you back has also been working in your favor. According to the planets someone is trying to mislead you so they can profit from your mistakes.

You may not be in a chatty mood but you will have to talk to someone today, if only to find out what they are up to and if their actions could affect you.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Chances are you have precious little to worry about, and so much to look forward to. You like a good discussion over the issues of the day and one particular person will say something today that opens your mind to a whole new range of possibilities.

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Use this beautiful day to get comfortable in your own skin, and celebrate being alive. Encourage your friends on Wednesday as the Moon waxes into her first quarter in deep-feeling Pisces at a. Most of us will be feeling just a tad raw — tap into your intuition and reach out to someone who needs a little extra love. Sagittarius November 22 to December 21 Your perceptions are changing, Sagittarius.

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Ruling Jupiter enters sensible Capricorn on Monday, encouraging you to think about your long-term self-development. Career and love ruling Mercury sextiles with spiritual Pluto on Tuesday, helping you to get more in touch with your inner direction. Take the opportunity to improve your routines as these planets complement each other. Be aware of your emotions on Wednesday when the Moon waxes into her first quarter in deep-feeling Pisces at a.

We tend to feel a little anxious waiting for change as the Moon squares against the Sun. Capricorn December 22 to January 19 Remember to relax, Capricorn. You may notice a serious shift in your inner self starting Monday when spiritual Jupiter enters reserved Capricorn. Have faith in yourself as Jupiter helps you to build your integrity. Wellness-ruling Mercury sextiles transformative Pluto on Tuesday, encouraging you to revamp your current health regime. Creating firm foundations supports your drive on Tuesday when professional Venus sextiles domestic Mars.

Find ways to add comfort to your workspace — consider investing in a standing desk or more supportive chair.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Try to view your relationships from an outside perspective on Wednesday when your love ruler, the Moon, waxes into her first quarter at a. Aquarius January 20 to February 18 Take stock of your resources, Aquarius.

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Jupiter, the planet of abundance, enters sensible Capricorn on Monday, inspiring you to be more conscious of what you consume. Think about the kind of world you want to live in, and do your best to contribute to that creation — no effort is too small. Use this powerful transit to persuade others to help reach your goals. Join a community of like-minded people to get inspired for your next big push.

March 8 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Ready for a change? You could make a massive overhaul to your space on Tuesday when domestic Venus sextiles fiery Mars. Make sure you consult with roommates and loved ones before busting out the proverbial sledgehammer. Pisces February 19 to March 20 No one can hold you back, Pisces. Pace yourself, as this is a marathon, not a sprint — the planet of luck and abundance remains in this sign until December Your heart overflows with love on Tuesday as sensitive Mercury sextiles powerful Pluto.

It could be easy to be distracted by shiny things on Tuesday when material Venus sextiles money-minded Mars.

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If it rings a bell, go for it. Take a creative break on Wednesday when the Moon waxes into her first quarter in Pisces at a. Your next great idea is just around the corner.

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Although you'll pursue this level of serenity, the interesting complexity is that you may also feel an urge to speak up in a radical way. That's due to the energy of Uranus turning direct in your message sector on January 6, the day after the eclipse. It's as if you are compelled to communicate your most brilliant, eccentric thoughts.

While that might lead you into amazing new territory and opportunity, it will also throw a monkey wrench into your quest for peace. After all, if you keep opening your mouth in such a dynamic way, enticing others with your ideas, how can you expect people to leave you alone? Oh, Aquarius you always seem to find a way to complicate your life!

Fortunately, you can direct the energy of your ruling planet as he propels forward in a way that honors your lightning fast mind without compromising your need for stillness. That's your task this month, so find a way. Your friends might lead you on a vision quest after January 7. A group or organization you belong to might become more of a source of inspiration and gratification than they have in the past. You'll find it easy to make time for these friends, because they lift you up rather than bring you down.

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That's the only company you'll keep. A true benefit might come from a friend, or it's possible you'll have a literal dream-come-true experience near January 22 when Venus and Jupiter embrace. Make those wishes count!