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How do you make yourself miserable with your wants and needs for creature comforts?

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Do you go into debt deeper than you can possibly dig out of without assistance and then expect someone else to bail you out? Are you assuring your own misery by wanting or expecting too much, either of family members or perhaps by demanding a big, fancy house? How do you use and take advantage of your family members? Do you have an ulterior motive in all your actions and practice emotional blackmail?

Are expectations of your children, creative endeavors, ego gratification and romantic encounters too self-centered?

Is work a four-letter word to you? What is your attitude toward productivity? Do you expect top pay for shoddy work? Do you expect to have good health without practicing good diet and exercise habits? Are your expectations unrealistic? It is referred to a planet and such conclusion makes out of it the 11 th body in the Zodiac system. Right now, it stands together with all the luminaries, asteroids and other smaller bodies.

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It is a part of our fortune and faith and has some influence upon our lives in general. Nevertheless, it has greater importance than some other long-known bodies. Still, all its manifestations and properties are not known and they are discussed in the circles of the most outstanding astrologers.

Sedna and the new spiritual revolution!

There exist multiple versions and theories and each must be studied carefully and requires time. Sedna, a novice planet found in the end of ! As the dividing star of the sidereal sign of Gemini, Alhena indicates a separation, a leaving, a departure, even an exodus. Behaviorally, Alhena marks the leaving an older or less fulfilling way of participation or way of life, and the time of our transfiguration.

Sedna's perihelion suggests her purpose is to bring forth that which has been hidden or latent; supporting the emergence of the long-suppressed feminine principle in the world; and the participation of females equally with males in all walks of life; prominently, openly and without fear, abuse, prejudice or exploitation. With the return of the feminine principle we also have the return of respect for all life—all species of life.

The Inuit Sedna

A planet's nodal axis is created by the intersection of the planet's orbital plane and the ecliptic plane. This axis can be thought of as a magnetic pointer, motivating action in a particular direction— from the planet's south node theme to its north node theme. The descending south node stars reveal the nature of that which we must bring forth and express through the theme revealed by the Ascending north node stars—to apply the south node theme through the north node theme. Sedna's unique orbital tilt causes Sedna's North Node to lie not much further from her perihelion in ecliptical longitude.

Sedna's path continues from its perihelion in sidereal Gemini, and emerges from south of the ecliptic to north exactly on the Leo cusp—prominently and proudly stepping into new and unexplored teritory and onto the world stage. The cusp of sidereal Aquarius is marked by the wing of Cygnus the Swan, which extends from Sadr, the heart of the Swan, to Gienah, the tip of the wing. We also have the Veil Lacework Nebula residing on the wing near Gienah as well. This point in the ecliptic is where we are motivated to strip off the cloaks of personality-based facades and shenanigans to reveal true heart-level self and to live from our deeper hearts' truth for the greater nourishment of all.

Sadr, the heart, and the wing of Cygnus lifts us from a self-centered exclusive focus to a more embracing and inclusive level of participation. This marks the start of the true humanitarian facet of the zodiak. This Quasar inspires us to enter deep within self and to bring forth our unique substance and soul essence that is of true value to each other and to the world, rather than projecting just superficial skin-deep appearances or false facades common to earlier sidereal Capricorn.

Here we are motivated to demonstrate our capacity to participate with true humanitarian vision, with interest for all rather than for the manipulation of an exclusive few. The fortuitous influence of Sadalsuud, Beta Aquarius, which conjoins Deneb Algedi, tail of the fish-goat, marks the end of sidereal Capricorn. Sadalsuud expands our interests and concerns to our greater human family. Sadalsuud, marking the shoulder of the waterbearer is the luckiest in the kingdom of worldly affairs.

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Fortuitous Sadalsuud and Deneb Algedi entices genuinely wise, articulate, unique, and beneficent leadership. Sadalsuud is also of fortuitous outcomes, rewards bestowed, and can indicate a fortunate destiny, but also imparts a sense of responsibility inherent to a person in such a position. Kitalpha of Equuleus, the little foal, conjoins Sadalsuud. The stars of Equuleus lie north of and straddle the cusp of Aquarius. According to R. Allen, some mythologists associate Equulei to Celeris, the brother or son of Pegasus, presented by Mercury to Castor; or Cyllarus, given to Pollux by Juno; or the creature struck by Neptune's trident when contesting with Minerva for superiority.

Kitalpha and the stars of the little foal bring a quality of freshness, lightness, swiftness and vigor to the communicative and fortuitous nature of the last few degrees of sidereal Capricorn, like that of young children. They also indicate a distinguished and successful position, and impel a focus toward the wellbeing of the young and new generations to come. The stars of Piscis Australis, the southern fish, delineate the body of humanity.

Beta, Zeta and the stars of southern Tucana add a loquacious and gregarious quality. Together they impel a need to speak for the support of humanity regarding humanitarian issues. This is also the exalted location for Mars in the sidereal zodiak, indicating a stimulus for creative action and audacious leadership.

How This Mysterious Planet Can Help You Understand Your Dark Side

It is where Mars has a heightened and illuminated expression. This also means that Sedna's South Node disposes its disposition to Mars by exhalation, which lies in Aquarius conjoining Hydor of Aquarius see Sedna's discovery chart below. This means Sedna's experiential past, the wisdom she has gained throughout her journey, empowers and supports a higher refined expression of Mars.

Hydor, Lambda Aquarius, lies in and guides the stream of the flowing waters of the humanitarian waterbearer.

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Hydor simply means water. Like the stars of the urn from which the waters flow, Sadalmelik, Sadachbia, Seat, Zeta and Eta, Hydor is a fortuitous star. This zodiacal location is also related to Varuna, goddess of the water's of life, who invites us to allow nature's way to weave its course. The stars conjoining and forming the Urn of Aquarius produce one of the purest areas of resonance in the ecliptic and one of the most fortuitous—the Angel Point of the Zodiak.

All of these stars are favorable of work and pursuits that have of an amorphous and watery character, that support progressive movement, flow and change, that tend to equalize and dissolve boundaries. Sedna's South Node articulates a leadership capacity that is able to make decisive decisions and to formulate resolute ideas, ideals and visions that serve to awaken and elevate human consciousness into an evolved societal modality, with consideration for generations to come.

It especially emphasizes agreements and declarations in formal ventures and professional pursuits.

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It impels a wise and eloquent articulation of information and knowledge, which may express as fortuitous news supporting new beginnings for ourselves and for others. It expresses the capacity to have ebullient trust in the flow of serendipitous events. The Lion faces west in the zodiak, with its head looking over the Cancer-Leo cusp. The starts creating the Lion's head are of breaking trail, exploration and new discoveries. Subra, marking the sidereal Cancer-Leo cusp, is the paw of the Lion impressed in the desert sand. Subra is of prints, tracks, plans, codices and ancient maps—clues to hidden trails and paths obscured by the sands of time.

Subra indicates a discovery process is at hand, one leading to the secret chambers, entryways, even to liftoff sites of the gods—places hidden from ordinary view. Simply, Subra asks that we dig, explore, uncover, and find that which has been obscure over time. It is also of archeological exploration.

Pyxidis, a sub-constellation of the Argo, is the Crow's Nest or compass of the galactic ship. The stellar qualities of Pyxidis ask us to peer far beyond the common world to navigate through potential problems or obstacles upon our exploration. Pyxidis inspires us to seek to bring what is hidden behind the obscuring fog into visible sight. It impels us to take an abode, place, vantage, or perspective from which we can see and find distant lands.