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It is known as a "Medical Stigmata.

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Relationship lines are known as the line of marriage or affection lines. The lines are normally present below the little finger on the mount of mercury. Ancient palmistry predictions from the 's for the marriage line If the line slopes towards the heart line it means that your spouse will die suddenly.

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A long lasting relationship is denoted by a long marriage line. A slope towards the Heart line which is gradual indicates that a partner will die after a long illness. If the marriage lines curving to the ring finger then there is a likelihood that such a person will lead a single life and end up marrying at the old age.

If the heart line is near to the marriage line then that is an indicator of the marriage will take place early in life. If the marriage line is very close to the area between the heart line and the 4th finger, then marriage will occur late in life. More than one line Existence of more than one line is an indication that the subject will experience more than one marriage or relationship. Breaks in the marriage line Any breaks in this line means this person will face a separation which will be followed by a happy re-union. Straight and long line A long and straight line shows that the subject's marriage life will be filled with happiness.

Water Hands are characterized by long palms, long fingers, plenty of fine lines that are not always clear, and soft, damp skin. These hands indicate a creative, emotional person. As lovers, they are sensitive, vulnerable, a little naive, and focused on caring and being cared for.

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  7. There are various considerations related to the length of the palm as well as the size, shape, and length of the fingers. This branch of palmistry is called chirognomy. There are various hand shape types, including spatulate, square, and psychic, and knotted.

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    4. The following are some of the guidelines for determining the size of the palm and fingers:. When the vertical and horizontal measurements of the palm are approximately equal, it is considered a square palm. Fingers are considered long when the length of the middle finger is equal to or greater than three-quarters of the length height of the palm. Fingers are considered short when the length of the middle finger is less than three-quarters of the length of the palm.

      The flexibility of the thumb is thought to measure how adaptable a person is.

      The more flexible the thumb, the more easy-going the character is. A lack of flexibility suggests an obstinate person.

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      If the thumb narrows in the base phalange of the thumb, the person is thought to employ tact and diplomacy in his or her relations with others. Some consider the relative length of the thumb as an indicator of faithfulness. Longer thumbs are thought to indicate stronger characters who are faithful to others and to themselves. A palm with numerous fine lines in addition to the Major Lines indicates a rather complex, sensitive personality that is especially vulnerable to outside influences and worries.

      In general, the fewer the lines, the more straightforward a person is. These people live their lives in a more direct and simple manner. Generally, there are three prominent lines on a palm. These are the Major Lines. In the palm at right, the top horizontal line ending at point A is the Heart Line. This line indicates the affections, so it is of particular interest to those reading a palm for love indicators.

      The higher this line is, the more passionate, and oftentimes jealous the person is.

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      A heart line that goes right across the hand suggests a person who is very controlled emotionally. A heart line that curves upward towards the Jupiter finger the index finger indicates a warm-hearted, reasonable, and affectionate nature in relationships. Crosses and breaks on the Heart line suggest periods of sadness and sorrow in love.

      The middle horizontal line at point B is the Head Line. This line indicates the type of intelligence a person possesses. This is because the reading is very convenient and personal. Moreover, the lines in the hands of each person are different and hence personal to that particular individual. You can consult a professional and reliable palmist if you wish to get a palm reading. This palm reader will explain to you about the palm reading session and will focus his attention on the specific needs about your requirements.

      If you are interested in palm reading service then you should consult a reliable and best palm reader. Palm reader should be an experienced and expert professional. You can find one of the best and reliable palm readers by getting some referrals from your friends or colleagues. Since they have already consulted this palm reader before you, their suggestion is definitely worthwhile and you can sign up with this reader without having any doubts.

      Another way by which you can get information about a reliable reader is by doing some research yourself.


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      You can browse through websites of several palmists. Then, shortlist few of them and finally decide who is the best one and sign up with him for catering to your needs. Palmistry lines reading acts as a tool and will be useful for the purpose of improving yourself. The palm lines are related to luck, general health, mentality and relationships.


      The lines of two palms are different and help to provide you information about your past and future.