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They are very intelligent or will show appreciation for intellectual work.

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The sign Cancer carries the blessings of Varuna Aditya. Varuna is the ruler of the seas and the upholder of moral order of the universe. People with Sun in Cancer usually have a fantastic work ethic and work tirelessly towards their goal. They often hold positions of authority and can be very punishing to others as they fight to uphold their chosen values.

Leo carries the energy of the Aditya Indra.

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Indra is the King of the Devas who are the carriers of knowledge and light. People with Sun in Leo enjoy pomp and show and they are learned. If the Sun is well positioned and un-afflicted in Leo, they may be able to show restraint as Indra is one who has control over his sense organs. They are usually comfortable holding power and vanquish their enemies, however they indulge in political games and manipulation needed to retain power.

Virgo carries the energy of the Aditya Vivaswan who is bright and effulgent, controlling the fire element. People with Sun in Virgo look for purity and perfection and are devoted to service. They are interested in spiritual upliftment.

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Vivaswan is father of Ashwini twins, the gods of medicine and healing. Sun in Virgo is capable of granting twins. Libra has the energy of Pusan Aditya. He is the giver of cattle wealth and prosperity.

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He is the nourisher. People with Sun in Libra are usually seekers of wealth successful in business and agriculture. They are usually caught up in materialism. They have a good sense of direction, and travel extensively. They like to challenge authority as Sun is debilitated in this sign. Scorpio has the energy of Parjanya aditya and he is said to ride the clouds and purify. He is the rain maker, and the giver of secret knowledge and skills to transform. He has the power of revival.

People with Sun in Scorpio are able to take on huge challenges, are extremely good at research work and occult activities. They are healers or the change management agents are able to shift their lives and help others as well. Sagittarius has the energy of Anshuman Aditya. Anshuman removes darkness and suppresses his enemies. People born with Sun in Sagittarius are quite learned and have deep respect of religion and spiritual matters.

They usually excel in their chosen subject and have a liberal view of the world and will fight for justice and unity. Fairness is a quality they try to uphold. Capricorn has the energy of Bhaga Aditya.

Bhaga means fortune or prosperity. People with Sun in Capricorn are industrious and are unyielding in their goals. They are interested in a good life and comforts that are rightfully earned. When the Sun is placed well in Capricorn, they can be perfect karma yogis, devoted to service.

However if the Sun is afflicted they can be overly concerned about their share or inheritance and can have an unbending nature. Aquarius carries the energy of Tvashtra Aditya who is the celestial architect who is supposed to have created the world and the Maya surrounding it.

People with Sun in Aquarius are endowed with creative intelligence, they are skilful and can be perfect karma yogis. On Tuesday, December 3 , however, Jupiter drifts into stoic Capricorn.

When the moon also meets these celestial bodies in Capricorn on Thursday, December 26 , forming a dramatic solar eclipse, we can expect radical shifts to occur within our institutional systems. In many ways, we can see this profound alignment as a pivotal shift in the status quo, fueling the inception of new societal structures. So leave your comfort zones behind, cosmic warrior: is all about forward motion.

Are you up for a challenge, Aries love?

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Of course you are. Expansive Jupiter journeys through Sagittarius through most of , illuminating your explorative ninth house, the area of your chart connected to travel and philosophy. Now, you're ready for an adventure. This will be an excellent year to plan journeys, adopt new theories, or even go back to school. No need to overthink it, because all paths lead to gold: On Tuesday, December 3 , Jupiter will cruise into Capricorn, highlighting your tenth house of professional achievements.

Read your full horoscope here. Throughout , massive changes occurred on the relationship front.

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  6. Now, throughout , expansive Jupiter cruises through Sagittarius, illuminating the area of your chart associated with emotional transformation. This energy can be a bit intense for steady Taurus, who always prefer to dwell in their comfort zones. All of your self-actualizations will be rewarded toward the end of the year. Now through the end of , Jupiter will continue to glide across this relationship realm. Friends may become lovers this year, Gemini, so watch out for romance surfacing in extremely unexpected places. This is a big year for you, Cancer babe, so get ready for some epic transformations.

    Late , generous Jupiter began cruising through your sixth house of health and wellness, and through December , fortune will continue to smile on your commitment to self-care.

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    And I have great news: This year, the cosmos are ready to support the full range of your artistic pursuits. Jupiter in like-minded fire sign Sagittarius activates your fifth house, the area of your chart associated with creativity and romance. With abundant Jupiter illuminating this radiant realm, you can look forward to lots of passion, trysts, and butterflies in your stomach throughout The past 12 months have radically shifted your perception of community. Throughout , you seemed to be the go-to person for all the juicy gossip — but, beginning in November of , you started feeling burnt out on the drama.

    This will prove to be especially important by the end of the year, when Jupiter drifts into like-minded earth sign Capricorn, triggering both massive artistic inspiration and romance. Yes, please.

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    7. Libra love. You want the tea — and with good reason. You want to know all about their preferences, likes, and values. You already know that was a huge year for you in the stars. But when Jupiter the planet of expansion glided out of your sign and into Sagittarius on November , you finally began to manifest your transformation in a real, tangible way. Now, you have all the tools to make the moves you want to make. Starting in November , your planetary ruler generous Jupiter , went into your own sign, kicking off a month cosmic homecoming that only happens every 12 years.

      This extremely auspicious transit will not occur again until , so really embrace the vibes, Sagittarius babe. If you're feeling lucky, you should be. Get ready for big changes, Capricorn darling! For the majority of , Jupiter — the planet of expansion — prances across the Sagittarius sky, reverberating your deeply psychological twelfth house. This year is a great time to deepen your relationship with astrology or occultism: Your intuition is active, so this is a wonderful opportunity to use spirituality to explore the gray areas of existence.

      Ready to get real, Aquarius love? In November , Jupiter — the planet of expansion — cruised into Sagittarius, illuminating the area of your chart associated with your greater community. Though you value your fierce independence, this year will encourage you to remember the importance of teamwork, friendship, and your extended network. Yes, indeed, it does. Throughout , generous Jupiter cruises through Sagittarius, highlighting your tenth house of professional advancement. This is an extremely lucky time to make big moves in your career.

      In fact, lucky Jupiter only enters this area of your chart every 12 years, so really lean into your potential.