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Read on to know the lucky gemstones for the Aquarius born. Wearing this stone can influence their relationships, characteristics and business in a profound way. The Amethyst stone has a distinctive colour and a crystalline structure that make it attractive and this stone works well for the positive as well as negative qualities of the individual. The hues of crystalline violet of the Amethyst stone guide and uplift the natives of Aquarius to discover new truths about themselves and the world around.

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Aquarius born persons are communicative individuals. This stone helps them promote their communication skills further besides encouraging a teamwork. Read Post a comment.

2. Stability Is Important To Them, But For Different Reasons

Characters Remaining: Continue without login. They will want things spontaneous and fast, without much thinking and as relaxed as possible. They can both be very passionate when with the right partner, but the starting point in their approaches is usually simply too different to work out. Fortunately, the respect they will have for each other could make them become very good friends and if they manage to find the right way to communicate, they might even build a quality sexual relationship on a foundation of friendship.

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One of them has stone cold convictions and the need to never be wrong or make a mistake of any kind, while the other has no fear of confrontation and values the image of truth among the human race too much to have the desire to lie. The lack of trust between them is not really the lack of trust they have in each other, but in the possibility this kind of relationship will work out. An intellectual relationship between a Capricorn and an Aquarius can be kind of painful to watch when you are, for example, a Taurus or a Cancer. They would rather be in no relationship than look at each other in a different way, and because of this they could form a beautiful, lasting friendship.

Still, it is important to remember how different they are. For as long as they hold on to shared interests and their mutual love for the seriousness of their bond, they will be able to maintain the image of a strong intellectual bond that makes them both satisfied. The emotional side of a relationship between a Capricorn and an Aquarius is something really strange.

In general interpretations they are both supposed to be unemotional, detached and closed up for emotional interaction with other people. However, this is not exactly the root of their lack of emotional connection. As an Earth sign, Capricorn needs emotions to be shown in a physical, practical way.

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This is exactly why they are often described as selfish, taking care only of their own needs. It is not easily accepted by the more spiritual signs that someone gives so much attention to earthly things such as money, or any material or career oriented value. Aquarius belongs to the element of Air and it is a sign of ultimate overall faith, different than any religion or rule that a human might have created. They need heavenly love, someone to share all of their ideas with, so they can float together on a cloud to Neverland. They will not care much about money, food or even sex, if their elevated spirit gets wings and they get yet another chance to dream.

In order to form an emotional bond, both Capricorn and Aquarius will have to accept the other side of reality.

Capricorn values boundaries and Aquarius values freedom. So how could they ever possibly be in a loving relationship? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Here a Libra man who dated an Aquarius woman 8 months. I was not able to commit and then she dumped me and immediately dated a Cancer man for the holidays, then living together, dancing, etc.

I was devastated, I didn't realise that I loved her so deeply. I am now dating an Aries woman, however I am still in love with her, she doesn't want any contact at all. I fell In love with a Libra, we were together for almost two years. Well two years in October. We recently broke up. We broke up Sunday of last week. I was unable to trust n I had really bad anger problems. I would get mad for no reason. We talked yesterday, we have decided to stay friends.

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We have a lovely friendship before we got together. Our relationship was amazing, I would never trade him for anyone. We hangout with each other yesterday, it was great. It felt so natural and not awkward. I know that we will be great best friends, for a long time. But me being as hopeful as I am, I was to believe our paths will meet again. I believe that we will both find each other. This article gave me some hope. He knows and he is proud of me.

He will always have my love, I will always care for him. I just want to believe that the connection was so great that our paths cross again. This sounds exactly like us. Internet is full of aquarius and scorpio article? I think you're the kind of Aquarius giving yourself a bad rep. You're the kind who'll use all the arguments to protect yourself and miss the lesson.

Grow up, man. If you like him reach out to him to see where it goes.

If you feel indifferent -- don't bother with this. I am an Aquarius woman at the beginning stage of dating a Libra man. We have had one meeting and it went well. Well he said he had a fun and when asked if I did I didn't answer, but made a noise. I wasn't sure, I then communicated through text that I did enjoy meeting him. I am a stickler for words, I enjoyed meeting him but didn't go as expected.

My question is should I wait for him to initiate another date or do that myself? He did say he thought that was the woman's job, pertaining to a first date, but maybe he means in the beginning? I am a Libra and I am madly in love with an Aquarius girl. But the problem is that, she had left the place where we used to be together.

She is now gone and I don't know whether to move on or to hold on.

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I want her back but I have a feeling that she won't accept me. There are rumors about me that she had heard. How can I make her mine and let her know that she's the only one for me? I am an Aquarius and my partner is a narcissistic Libra, his my yang to my ying. I love him to death, even tho he is a narcissistic person, I now have learned his ways and our relation has been on and off for 3yrs we always go back to each other, no one understands us or gives us what we need and want. I am aloof at times but still show him not enough per him how much I love him, he is very charming everyone likes him I get jelly but now have control over the jelly as he is mine and I am his.