Aquarius astrological sign personality

As a fixed sign, Aquarius is the kind of zodiac sign to always have a plan; to build a stable foundation or set a goal before getting started. If you ask me, every zodiac sign has their weaknesses, just like they have their strengths.

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And when your weaknesses are given more attention than your strengths, it can be easy to slip into that dark side of your zodiac sign. But do I still think you should know more about your dark side instead of just ignoring it completely?

Don't forget: No one is perfect and we ALL have a dark side. You might not always like what you hear, but astrology is supposed to be fun, too.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign - Characteristics & Personality Traits

So, keep reading to learn all about the dark side of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Aquarius much prefers to approach situations with her head than her heart because it makes more sense to her that way. Of course, not everyone is as logic-driven as she is. Besides this robotic-like way of handling social situations, Aquarius can also seem pretty unemotional.

As a rule, Aquarius tends to keep everyone at a distance. It can take her a lot longer than most zodiac signs to warm up to others and let herself be vulnerable. Aquarius is one of those zodiac signs who will stick to her guns, no matter what. Staying in a traditional ger and living the nomadic lifestyle is about as restlessly Sagittarian a travel goal as we can imagine. As the most ambitious, driven and hard-working sign in the zodiac, Capricorns deserve a holiday more than any other. You desire to go somewhere important, to learn all of the things you can about the world and to remain efficient in the going.

But when work clocks off here, there are all-night markets to eat your way through, temples to lose yourself in and beaches to linger on. Taking a pilgrimage, such as walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain , will give you that sense of accomplishment, and may also encourage you to explore your spirituality and follow your heart — something you can always use a little more of in your life. You root for underdogs and you value freedom, counterculture and, frankly, a little bit of the weird in life.

The Personality of an Aquarius, Explained

You also love getting off the beaten track read: non-conformist , so you could also head to Kyrgyzstan , where you can lose yourself in the remote Tian Shan mountains and avail of the strong network of community-based tourism organisations to arrange homestays and excursions like walnut-picking and horse riding, ensuring your money is flowing into the local economy for the greater good. Dreamy Pisces, you rarely come down to earth and may not even be from this planet, but you are the healer and the lover of the zodiac.

You need downtime, gentle air and somewhere free of crowds. Short of sending you into outer space where your mind mainly seems to stray anyway , we suggest you ascend to the roof of the world. Tibet is vast, exceptionally beautiful, brimming with spirituality and quiet — all things you value in life and travel. Alternative getaway: With your highly intuitive even psychic nature, you gravitate towards the supernatural.

On the Pampa Colorada in Peru are a series of strange and unexplained ancient geoglyphs: the Nazca Lines. These giant images of animals and insects are only visible from high above. Who made these glyphs and why? Was it aliens or an ancient fertility cult? Featured Article.

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Megan Eaves. Astrological adventures: where to travel based on your zodiac sign. Adventurous Aries? Voyaging Virgo? Globetrotting Gemini? Whether you find western astrology to be just a bit of fun or something more serious, it can be amusing to see what the planets say about your personality.

Gethro - May PM. I'm an Aquarian and every word is true. Love people, likes to be sarcastic and have fun. I know I get a little aloof sometimes which is not good, but all in all Aquarians are nice people.

Top 5 Signs You're A TRUE Aquarius

An Aquarius will always still loyal to the end. This is a down fall for us because we can be taken advantage, deeply hurt inside and never fully recover from the hit.

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This means friends,spouses,coworkers and etc. Lindy - Feb AM. Hey Aquarius, I have the biggest problem with hurting people feelings do y'all? As a Aquarius I don't like that about myself! Drea - 9-Dec PM. I was born on January 20, am i born on the cusp morgie - 7-May PM. Hi it's me, your favorite wife from the shining I am an Aquarius and I love to party catch me at el rio singing with my boo J Lo smooch! KP kim possible - Apr AM. Adventure maybe more.

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Entrested Bizman - 3-Apr AM. Hello to all my beloveds,glad to here from fam. I fully agree with those traits. Spot on!!! Fresh - Jan PM. I agree with that. I am all of those traits. They make us Hazel - Jan PM. I agree with the last paragraph.! We are awesome and so unconventional! Norma - Oct AM. Omg, this is so me. I was reading through this and it allndescribed me so welllllllllllllllll. Anyway, we Aquariums don't acceot week people, so if you're having a problem just go to the shin doctor.

He'll fix you right up. Because without strong shins, how can one be an aquarium? Nick, I understand completely h ow y ou feel I am almost 50 years old and I fight that same battle frequently.

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Unfortunately to win it we have have to do something that goes against the aquarian code, we have to abandon many of the other interests and focus on one. Well maybe 2 or So the question I ask my self that will normally help get me motivated What has your pride cost you?

In your case it could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Again revert back to what we know, if you start something and it is not for you you will feel the negative energy, and the one that is for you will fit you like a glove, trust what tools you have been given use them Do not beat your self up over this if you cannot make a decision in a short amount of time just make it in a reasonable amount of time, do your research but do not give up keep moving, it does not really matter how fast you are going are where you are going as long as you do not stop Sun in pisces mercuryand ep eastpoint in Aquarius moon in Gemini rising sign cap, i dont feel like a pisces ppl tell me i dont act a pisces i fell like an Aquarius, and sometimes Gemini sooowierd bit i stil have some treits of pisces and i attract so many Aquarius ppl its ridiculous JE - Jul PM.

Wow Ikept saying test to this article,I am about everything here,my question therefore is how do I become better? Elove - Jul PM. Little Miss Aquarius etc, You have to put up with the rain if you want the rainbow. You sound like an amazing person so keep your Aquarius head held high. With respect to the ankle, I once dislocated my knee combing my hair,so I can relate to your frustration. However - rest, ice and a big dose of God got me fixed in no time though admitedly, I have thrown all my combs out and burnt them Bedhead - 2-Jul PM.

I'm an Aquarius an I'd definitely say I stand out from the crowd.